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These lamps emulate traditional oil/wax table lamps, but last much longer using The Candola system: a continuous wick burns the replaceable bottle of Candola fluid creating a cleaner, extended, and odourless burn time lasting up to 120hrs per refill.

A huge range of bases, sleeves, globes and sizes can accommodate any design need and with Candola burning safer and longer than traditional candle or oil lamps, it only makes sense to make the change.

• Safety lamp! The flame goes out as soon as the table lamp falls over
• Assembly system allows the use of individual lamps, glasses and covering
• Far longer burning time compared to candles (up to 120 hours)
• No wax residues!
• Special wick allows complete emptying of the refill ensuring nothing is wasted
• Thanks to the clean oil system there is no smoke or soot
• The Candola System ensures the highest level of safety and efficiency
• Tested for quality and certified by independent institutes.
• Candola uses a special, odourless mineral oil, therefore not disturbing for guests
• Refill bottle is hidden within the Candola design
• Huge selection of elegant designs
• Can also be equipped with Mosquito Stop bottles

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