About Us

The first company in the Sycro Group was established in 1998, giving Sycro more than two decades of experience in the hospitality industry. Since then, Sycro has evolved to meet the needs of a dynamic market, and has grown into a group of companies , each of which have specialized responsibilities in order to provide the best services and products. Sycro operates throughout Africa and nationally in South Africa with branches in Johannesburg & Cape Town, so our clients can be sure to receive the best service available.

Sycro Corporate (Pty) Ltd

The newest established company in the Sycro Group, Sycro Corporate was created to address the new BBBEEE regulations and offers companies our BBBEEE Level 2 rating.

Sycro Distribution (Pty) ltd

This is our specific import and export company complimented by all relevant licenses. We have been importing products from around the world since its inception. This company allows us to source products that you may have seen abroad and are not available locally. As we have experience in this field, our prices, service and effectiveness to get the process correct is both professional and cost effective.

Sycro Distribution SA (Pty) ltd

The first branch of Sycro – this is our general trading company boasting a professional and efficient staff compliment and logistical effectiveness backed by over 20 years of experience.

Sycro Australia (Pty) ltd

The newest branch of Sycro – Sycro has just been launched in Australia where we intend to offer our outstanding levels of service and product quality to the Australian industry

Sycro was initially created as an environmentally friendly company in search of providing eco-friendly products that make a difference to our industry. We believe that we need to give something back to the earth, which is why we manufacture oxo-biodegradable plastics (Click below for more)

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