Sycro is a proud distributor of Filigrano product - with an exiting new expansion into the Australian hospitality & foodservice market

The Filigrano Collection is the dream product to assist with tartelette based snack and dessert production in the pastry kitchen. Ready made with 100% Swiss Butter, this product not only is consistent in presentation with thin walls, suitable for Hot and Cold, Savoury and Sweet applications, it also has a 12-month shelf life without needing to be frozen or refrigerated. The Filigrano shells are currently being used in a number of hotels and catering companies around SA with great feedback

Your benefits at a glance: 

  • High quality short crust pastry with 100% swiss butter.
  • The Tartelettes are coated with a glaze of cocoa butter/coconut fat, guaranteeing long crispiness and stability after filling.
  • The glaze is transparent and free of trans fat.
  • 12 month shelf life from date of manufacture – stored in a cool and dry place (10–20 °C/50–68 °F, max. 69% r.h.).
  • Straight edge and thin walls – modern and elegant design.
  • Optimal dough/filling ratio.
  • Bake stable – suitable for hot and cold applications (can be used fresh, baked, or frozen).

Filigrano was launched by Sycro at Hostex 2018 and has quickly become a firm favourite among members of the South African food industry, receiving praise for it’s durability, consistency and ease-of-use

Sycro hopes to make the Filigrano range of tart shells a staple in the food industries

Filigrano Demo Video

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